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The Comparison Game
The Pitfalls of Playing Me vs. Her

by Jasmin Howell

I couldn’t focus. My thoughts were zoned in on how much prettier she was than me. So much taller, more put together, her hair more perfect, her clothes more elegant, her manner reserved and poised. I momentarily took an inventory of myself. Bouncy, out-of-control curls, old comfy jeans, layered sweaters, and chunky handmade hemp jewelry.



I am a shy person, which is something I am trying to overcome. This shyness sometimes makes it hard for me to be friendly and to properly love people. Can you give me some practical, day-to-day tips on how to overcome this?


The Yes Woman
Obligation or Obedience

by Jasmin Howell

A Fearful YesI recently had a very busy week full of coffee dates, client meetings, meals with lovely people in our church community, family get-togethers, our Wednesday night Life Group, and what felt like a whole bunch of other appointments and errands.

True Beauty

The Danger of the Selfie

by the setapartgirl Team

You see it everywhere - the push for self-promotion. Ads for clothing, beauty products, cars, food, you name it, all scream, “If you have this, you will get all the attention you crave! Your insecurities will be thrown to the wind and you’ll be happier than ever!” Or, “Just be who you are! Don’t let the opinions of others hinder you.