A Glimpse of What God Will Do

Devotionals from Leslie Ludy and the Set Apart Girl Team

A Glimpse of What God Will Do

by Leslie Ludy | February 7, 2012

The other night I was battling an intense headache. My kids are not used to seeing Mommy in pain and unable to interact with them in my normal energetic way. The toddlers kept looking at me with concerned faces and asking, “What’s wrong, Mommy? Why you not feeling better?” Little Dubber (Kipling, age 3) seemed especially concerned about my well-being. He watched me for a few moments and then sweetly offered, “Mommy, can I jump on you?” Though such a suggestion was completely unwelcome at that particular moment, Dubber was genuinely trying to help me in his own way. Dubber’s love language seems to be rough play. I guess he put himself in my position and decided that if he was feeling a bit off, having someone tackle, wrestle, and roughhouse with him would certainly be a cure-all. What a little gentleman – at least for that one fleeting moment!

In the midst of correcting, training, and disciplining my children day in and day out, these kinds of “sweet angelic” moments are rare, which is what makes them such a treasure. Being a mother of four little kiddos constantly reminds me that foolishness (i.e. sin and selfishness) is bound up in the heart of every child. There is no “goodness” in them, no matter how cute or sweet they might appear at first glance. Screaming, whining, demanding, and bullying comes far more naturally to them than sharing, giving, blessing, and serving. But when they see godly behavior modeled and praised, they begin to truly desire to pattern their lives correctly. At this stage in life, they need a lot of help to do this – external structure as well as rules and consequences are key to keeping them on the straight and narrow path. But as they grow old enough to understand the principles of the Gospel, it is our job as parents to teach them that no matter how hard they try, they cannot live rightly without a divine impartation of the Spirit of God within their little souls.

Last spring, Hudson (now age 7) came to the place where he realized that he could not succeed in the Christian life on his own. I will never forget the moment when he prayed, “Jesus, I cannot do it myself,” and then invited the King of kings to take over the rulership position of his life. Though Hudson still needs lots of discipleship and training, he truly owns the decision he made. It is so exciting to see godly fruit beginning to emanate from his life – not forced or coaxed by Mommy and Daddy, but born out of a true relationship with Jesus Christ.

The rest of our kiddos have yet to fully comprehend the mystery of godliness. They simply have those rare and adorable moments, like Dubber the other night, when they burst out in a spontaneous act of human goodness or try to imitate the good behavior they see in others. It is fun to see these small glimpses of the heroic qualities their lives will one day showcase when they enter into a true covenant relationship with Jesus Christ. And it is a reminder that no matter how many skills, manners, or behavior guidelines we impart to them, nothing is more important than introducing them to the One who can truly change them from the inside out. My prayer is that soon, those brief “gentlemanly moments” won’t be quite so rare, because they will flow from a transformed heart and life. Praise God that He who calls us is faithful and also will do it! (see 1 Thess. 5:24).*